Know More About The Skin’s Natural Absorption Function

Know More About The Skin\'s Natural Absorption FunctionAmong the various body organs, skin is the largest and the most important one. It acts as an interface between the inner and outer environments. There are three distinctive skin layers; epidermis, dermis and the hypodermis. The layer that is visible to us is the epidermis. It serves us as the over protective layer. The central layer of the skin wherein the connective tissues as well as glands are present is called dermis. This layer helps complete the absorption process by carrying whatever is put on the epidermis to the deepest part of the skin and throughout the body.

The hypodermis carries the adipose cells or fat layer. This is the skin layer that contains your fat cells.

Functions of the skin include-

1. Protection. The skin serves as a shield that obstructs microorganisms and other materials from entering the body.

2. Controls Body Temperature. Considerable heat is lost by way of the skin. Even under conditions of high temperature or exercise, the body temperature stays almost normal.

3. Elimination. The skin layer will get cooled when the sweat gets evaporated. Skin also takes on a major role in elimination of toxic metabolic waster materials and salt from the human body.

4. Sensation. Nerve endings in the skin deliver the body with a great deal of details about the outside environment.

5. Vitamin D Production. In the presence of daylight or ultraviolet radiation, a substance in the skin is modified to produce vitamin D, required for the assimilation of calcium and phosphate from food.

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Yet another function of the skin, which is often disregarded, is its absorption properties. Based on this wonderful absorption property of the skin, transdermal medications for example nicotine patch and contraceptive patch were designed and these medicines are extremely effective. The use of topical ointments, cosmetic beauty products as well as other applications that benefit the skin are all based on the wonderful absorption abilities of the skin.

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